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We are always looking for new and better ways for our customers to win.

Customer results are the priority and core focus inside our engineered selling process. Our comprehensive, customized approach has customer needs and wants at the very center.

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You will have a personalized experience inside a system that ensures your assets achieve fair market value. Our selling approach involves assessing the equipment values, creating (with you) a customized and flexible plan for the sale of your equipment, and a post-sale assessment of the results.

Call Andrew LeMaster at 312-898-5355 to talk about the best options for you, and what your selling plan would look like.

Black Star Auctions

Sell your equipment in a Black Star custom auction. It could be an online (timed) auction or an auctioneer-led (live) internet-based auction. The best auction type and approach for your equipment will depend on the industry, type and quantity of equipment, as well as the value. The auction approach would be included as part of a co-created custom plan for your sale.  

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When a business owner decides the time is right to sell the business and assets, it can be challenging and overwhelming.

Retirement dispersal sales are a specialty service of Black Star - we manage the entire process from inspection through to settling your account.

You won’t be burdened with the details, but you will be kept informed every step of the way. Click here to see past dispersal results and highlights.

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Complete Dispersals

Fleet Realignment

If you need to restructure your fleet, we will get you to the point where increased productivity, reliability, and profitability are inevitable. We have solutions that meet your equipment needs. 


We market aggressively and extensively on your behalf. We reach your equipment’s target audience using highly-visible and effective advertising and marketing approaches. These include industry-specific publications, multiple social media channels, online ads, and multiple other communication methods.

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Black Star

Happy Customers

Discover what some of our customers have said about their experiences working with Black Star inside their testimonials and reviews.

You’ll read why our customers keep coming back as their equipment needs change over time. 

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