Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we've received from our sellers and buyers.


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What are the steps involved with listing equipment for sale?

The seller provides a list of equipment for sale. We conduct an inspection of the identified equipment, then upload the pictures, videos, and descriptions for worldwide exposure.

What is the difference between an online auction and a live virtual auction?

In an online auction you can bid online in real time. A live virtual auction is also a real time, online auction, and is "called" by an auctioneer.

Why would I go to auction with my equipment instead of selling it privately?

It is seller’s choice. Auction produces fair market value through competitive bidding. Private selling involves a sales team working on your behalf to sell your equipment for a price that you have agreed to list and sell it for.  

Will you inspect my equipment before listing for auction or private sale?

Yes. We will inspect your equipment so that we can prepare a detailed online listing. We will take photographs, videos and document all equipment specs.

What are my options for selling my equipment?

With Black Star, your equipment can be sold in an online timed auction, or inside a live virtual auction conducted online by our auctioneer, or we can sell your equipment as a private sale (no auction). We can also customize a hybrid approach when selling multiple units.

What marketing efforts are involved for equipment sellers?

We conduct customized and personalized marketing that leverages industry publications, social media campaigns, websites, global networks of bidders/buyers, partnerships, sales catalogs, flyers and other promotional advertising, targeted sales outreach, eblast communications, and more.

Can I have a dedicated auction to sell only my equipment?

Yes. We conduct dedicated live virtual, or timed online auctions for our customers who may be considering a complete dispersal or looking to do a fleet realignment for example. We can also include your items inside one of our regular online auctions.

Do I need to haul the equipment I’m selling to a specific location?

Black Star will sell your equipment remotely from your site, which would eliminate all transportation fees.

After my items are sold, when do I get my payment from Black Star?

Once all funds have been received from all buyers, Black Star will settle your account within 15 business days.

Can I see equipment before I bid on it?

For complete dispersal auctions, the seller will set aside a day or more for onsite buyer inspections. For single items, arrangements can be made for you to view the equipment. Please note that our inspectors collect as much data as they can and take multiple pictures and videos to show the entire asset, and we are transparent in our listings with all findings.

How do I pick up an item I bought at auction?

An Asset Manager will be in touch with you immediately after purchase to walk you though the process and coordinate pickup arrangements once your payment has cleared.

After I buy equipment, how long do I have to pay for it?

5 business days.

What is a buyer’s premium?

This is an additional percentage charge on top of the equipment selling price that the buyer pays and may vary depending on the type of equipment. This amount can be different from sale to sale.