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Owners choose complete asset dispersals for multiple reasons. However, most make this decision because they realize their assets represent their equity. One thing to note is that most construction companies are not good candidates to be purchased or merged by another company or private equity.

If you are considering retirement, an equipment liquidation, selling your entire business, or you need cash flow now, you have come to the right place. Equipment dispersals are a specialty at Black Star. We use our Iron Exchange® process – which may include a blended approach of private selling, live virtual auctions, and timed auctions – to get you where you want to be.

Learn more about why it makes sense to disperse your lifetime assets with Black Star.

Work with Black Star’s Dispersal Team

With Black Star you can have confidence in knowing we have your interests as our priority, and we will work with you to make sure we deliver on your realistic expectations.

Our sellers had many reasons for selling all their assets or realigning their fleets. Once you reach out to us and we have a conversation to discover what’s driving your need to sell, we will get started.

We can provide you with current market values on items for selling consideration. If you have prepared a list of ready-to-sell equipment, you can just email that to us. We will take it from there, meaning less work for you while you focus on your other priorities.

Read about some past dispersals and what the sellers had to say about their experiences.

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Do any of these reasons to sell resonate with you? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions, read on for a solution!

Equipment Dispersals

Selling your heavy equipment or industrial assets, for whatever reason, can be a huge undertaking for any business owner, operator, or contractor. There are many considerations to take into account, and they are mostly time-consuming and simply hard work. Complete (and partial) dispersals are something we do often, and our team of industry experts will make it easy for you. 

Personalized Approach

We work with you as a business partner and give you more options.  

Our dispersal team find out what you as an owner want as an end result. Then, align with all of your financial, legal, and operational resources to create the best outcome for you as a seller. Our specialists will customize Black Star services to meet your exact needs and manage the entire process from start to finish.

Marketing and Selling

We sell and market to a North American and worldwide network, with a buyer reach of over one million potential buyers in 90 countries.

  • Research-based, targeted sales outreach 

  • All social media channels

  • Dedicated placement of your equipment in our Iron Exchanger™ sales catalog 

  • Targeted e-blast communications

  • Industry print and online publications

  • Auction calendars

  • Black Star website 

Benefits of Working with Black Star

We do all the work and manage the operational details of every engagement, so you don’t have to. 

  • Solid industry expertise and extensive experience

  • Our experts receive and respond directly to all related inquiries

  • All equipment stays on your site until sold – no handling/transportation fees

  • Dedicated Asset Managers coordinate the entire process

  • All invoicing and collection of buyer payments handled internally

  • Coordinating and scheduling equipment loadout

  • Position loadout specialists onsite to ensure white-glove service throughout the process

  • Sellers receive sale proceeds within 15 days after buyer funds are cleared 

We have established solid relationships with finance and transportation partners that, when requested, can help buyers with the purchase and loadout of your equipment. We want to make sure the sale completes without incident in the timeliest manner – resulting in quicker selling and pickup times, which gets your equipment moved faster.

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If you are not sure what your equipment is worth in today’s market, we are happy to provide free valuations to get the ball rolling. 


If you prefer to have a formal appraisal before you decide what equipment to sell:

  1. Our Chief Appraisal Officer will discuss your needs to determine the appraisal type

  2. The Appraiser will conduct the appraisal based on current market values

  3. A formal appraisal report will be prepared and submitted it to you

Our in-house appraisers will prepare USPAP compliant appraisal reports, and our sales executives and dispersal specialists will provide you with options based on current market appraised values. 

If you want to know more, please contact us

Managing Your Fleet

Perhaps you want to restructure or realign your fleet to make way for better performing equipment and overall fleet optimization.

We can remarket your surplus, underutilized, or no longer needed equipment, and find new-for-you options that will result in improved jobsite productivity, equipment reliability, and business profitability.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

The results speak for themselves. And so do our customers. Business owners and contractors have put their trust in the Black Star team and were not disappointed!

View our results and highlights document for a closer look and to read testimonials. You’ll find dispersal “snapshots” with stats, sales highlights, and seller interviews.

Two of the latest testimonials can always be found on our website’s home page, or you can check out our Google Reviews.

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