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Everything you need for selling, finding, & appraising equipment

We provide personalized and customized solutions for valuing your inventory, selling your existing equipment and assets, upgrading your fleet, as well as searching for hard-to-locate equipment. Scroll down to read more. For a quick overview, check out our Services-at-a-Glance section at the bottom of this page.

Industries served include construction, transportation, agriculture, mining, railway, and energy services.

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What our customers say...

“Working with Black Star has been a pleasant surprise. All too often in our industry, the people we deal with over promise and under deliver. This hasn't been the case for us. Whether we are buying or selling, the process has been streamlined and very detail oriented...everyone has been available and on the ball every step of the way.”


“The Black Star team worked diligently on and off site - everything went as expected.  I put my trust in them, and they delivered.”

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These are just a few of the industries we serve.

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Your results are our priority. We ask questions then take what we learn to personalize and customize a selling solution that will work for you. We value why you are here. If you are considering a retirement dispersal, need cash flow, or want to sell or upgrade some of your equipment - we've got you covered. If you want to see some of our recent complete dispersal sale results and highlights, click here. Contact us to take the next step.

AUCTIONS: Sell your equipment in an online auction, or an auctioneer-led, virtual auction. Provide us with an equipment list and we’ll take care of the rest. Auctions make perfect sense when equipment is in short supply, demand is high, and the market is strong.

PRIVATE SELLING: Another way to remarket your equipment with Black Star. We can sell at an agreed price or negotiate on your behalf with a buyer, then present an offer that you are happy to accept.

COMPLETE DISPERSALS: When a business owner decides the time has come to sell their equipment, it can be challenging and overwhelming. Retirement dispersals are a specialty at Black Star - we manage the entire process from inspection through to settling your account quickly after the sale. You won’t be burdened with the details, but we'll keep you updated on every stage along the way.  

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FLEET REALIGNMENTS: If you need to restructure your fleet, we will get you to the point where increased productivity, reliability, and profitability are inevitable.

MARKETING: When selling your equipment, we market aggressively and extensively. Whether it’s an auction or private sale, we reach the targeted audience using several effective marketing methods.

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Get an Appraisal

Appraised values depend on the purpose and the method being used.

Regardless of industry, there may come a time when you need to value your equipment or business assets.

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Services at-a-glance
All services are part of our Iron Exchange® approach to selling heavy equipment.
Complete Dispersals

Retiring? Liquidating? Merging? We manage the many time-intensive tasks involved in an equipment dispersal. If you are motivated to sell, we will take care of all the details, so you don’t have to. Contact Andrew LeMaster at 312-898-5355.

Fleet Realignments

Conducting a fleet realignment will help you restructure your fleet and operate at optimal performance to increase productivity, reliability, and profitability. Contact Andrew LeMaster at 312-898-5355.


We schedule regular unreserved online auctions. Pre-bidding and auction-day bidding both take place online only. Live virtual auctions are auctioneer-led, online auctions that can run simultaneously on multiple auction platforms. Sellers can list their equipment in an upcoming auction, or for larger consignments and complete dispersals, we can schedule a dedicated auction to showcase equipment. Contact Andrew LeMaster at 312-898-5355.

Private Selling

Private selling is typically part of a customized solution. However, if you have equipment that needs a more personalized approach, we will work with you to develop an appropriate selling strategy. Contact Andrew LeMaster at 312-898-5355,


Targeted marketing goes hand-in-hand with selling. Marketing campaigns include the use of personalized marketing materials, social media channels, industry print and online publications, auction calendars, targeted e-blast messages, and sales catalogs – reaching hundreds of thousands of potential buyers, worldwide. Our Iron Exchanger™ catalog lists all equipment for sale by Black Star, either privately or at an upcoming live virtual auction - all the latest information you need in one place. 

Asset Appraisals & Reports

To find out the appraised value of your equipment, you’ll need a formal appraisal. Black Star’s experienced and accredited appraisers provide accurate, unbiased reports that are Uniform Standards of Professional Practice (USPAP) compliant, and meet the industry standards of acceptance. Contact Lynn Schroeder at 309-361-5101.

Equipment Searches

We conduct custom equipment searches. With our large network of contacts, we already know who has what you're looking for. If not, we’ll find out who does. Contact Brandi Kay at 312-550-6211 - extension 705, or complete this FORM.


Want to know what your equipment is worth? We can give you an idea on values with a free valuation so that you can make an informed decision on selling. Contact Brandi Kay at 312-550-6211 - extension 705, or complete this FORM.


Equipment inspections include detailed descriptions and the capture of multiple pictures and videos for each asset. Data is uploaded to the Cloud, and listings are immediately visible to a global audience. Contact Lynn Schroeder at 309-361-5101.

Equipment Listings

Equipment available to buy now is shown on our Equipment page and in our inventory. Each listing consists of a detailed description, multiple pictures, and videos. Upcoming online and live virtual auction listings are accessible on the Inventory & Auctions page.


Staging a yard or warehouse and cataloging assets is an optional service we provide as part of a larger consignment or complete dispersal engagement. 

Technical Expertise

Black Star inspectors and equipment experts receive phone calls and answer the technical questions from potential buyers, so a seller is not repeatedly interrupted. We can also position Black Star experts onsite for buyer inspections and questions prior to auction day for larger-dispersal engagements.

After Sale Support

After sale support includes all sale documentation, personalized follow-up calls with buyers, and the coordination and scheduling of loadout appointments.


Working in collaboration with our buyers and sellers, we manage the entire loadout process after a sale, and can position team members onsite to assist and ensure smooth removal during this time. 


Ask us about our long-standing, trusted finance and transportation partners. We are happy to suggest their services if requested.