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What We Do

An uncle and two nephews decided that one’s construction career with the others truck expertise was the right combination to start a company.  Add a Dad’s desire to be in business with his sons and brother-in-law and you have the creation of Black Star Asset Conversion and Appraisal. Their collective mantra is….we want to be in on it when it comes to helping people get maximum value for buying and selling equipment.

Who we are

Asset Conversion

We are the go-to-resource in converting your assets

Who we are

Asset Appraisals

We will determine the market value for your assets

Who we are

Custom Searches

We specialize in finding you the right buyer or seller

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Our Market Our Market

The benefits of asset conversion

When is the best time to sell your assets and equipment? Is it 3 years, 5 years or longer? At Black Star ACA, we will help you determine the best strategy for managing your assets. We use our proprietary cost / benefit model to identify opportunities as well as pitfalls. We also understand every situation is unique and we’ll take into consideration your goals, compliance and balance sheet needs to recommend the best plan of action. Some of the reasons clients choose to convert assets include:

Raise Cash

Need for cash in other aspects of the business. Currently you have no need for existing equipment. You want to convert your equipment assets into cash. Black Star ACA specializes in turning iron into cash.


New jobs often require new equipment. Time demands require outside assistance to find the right equipment for the new project. Black Star ACA has a nationwide network to search and find the equipment you need for the new project.


Need to make a decision to either repair or replace existing equipment. It may make more economic sense to sell your used equipment than repair. Black Star ACA can find replacement equipment as well sell your existing equipment.

Life Cycle

New technology sometimes forces you to consider selling existing equipment. Every piece of equipment has a lifespan and Black Star ACA can help you evaluate the best time to replace your assets.


Looking to sell some of your assets or all of your business? Black Star ACA is a team of professionals who can help you maximize your assets and life’s work. We have a network of customers who need your assets now or very soon!

Our honest, straightforward approach is at the heart of everything we do. No double talk or slick sales pitches. On the contrary, we work to build your trust with excellent communication and exceptional service.


Black Star ACA

Our Markets

We work directly within industries that have large capital equipment needs. In addition, we work with related financial firms that provide capital to these markets.

Get started

The first step is easy. If you are managing commercial equipment and assets, please send us a note via the link below and one of our team members will be in touch to learn more.