Reaching beyond the expected

Iron Exchanger


Our purpose is to position our customers for ongoing and sustainable business success. We maximize the value of used heavy equipment through our national and global marketing and selling approach.

Black Star is family-owned, and operates with a century plus of combined experience, expertise and visibility in the construction, agriculture and transportation industries and the financial services sector.


Why choose us?

There are plenty of options when selling or managing your used equipment. Black Star wants to be the option of choice based on our extended reach capabilities and a personalized proprietary approach within the marketplace.

We are detail oriented in everything we do, and our commitment to providing quality outcomes goes well beyond what our customers expect. We also distinguish ourselves by being able to market and sell unique and diverse types of niche industry specialty equipment with our customized solutions.

You may be looking to:

Whatever motive you have for converting your assets, choosing Black Star means that we will maximize the value of your used equipment – no matter what it is.

By staying true to each customer’s desired outcomes and our professional values, we:


Obsess on understanding precise equipment needs, then work with our customers to give more control over the buying and selling process. We will represent each customer in the marketplace to gain top value.


Remain easy to reach and readily available. We know that time is limited, and it is a priority for us to be efficient and effective in all our dealings.


Prepare for every collaboration. We respect each customer interaction and aim to build confidence and trust with an honest and straightforward approach.


Make a difference with every interaction and transaction. Our work ethic is the discipline of moving our feet daily on behalf of our customers to deliver results while remaining fair, accountable, authentic, strategic and innovative.


Leverage our extensive experience, unparalleled expertise and intellectual assets. We bring in-depth industry knowledge, a large network of contacts and trusted relationships, practical business experience and a history of proven results.


Protect, manage and build all relationships in the value chain by remaining mindful of the multiple layers involved, and the end goals of our customers.

We separate ourselves from others with the way we increase demand per piece of equipment



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