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Company overview

Black Star Asset Conversion and Appraisals is a family-owned business operating with well over a century of combined experience, expertise and visibility in the construction, agriculture and transportation industries and the financial services sector.

On board, we have a strong and diverse team of highly skilled and driven professionals who focus on working with contractors, enterprise accounts and financial institutions to manage the full cycle of selling anywhere in the world.

Our purpose is to strategically position our customers for ongoing business success. We achieve the best possible values through asset appraisals, private treaty selling, pre-auction selling, weekly online auctions leveraging the power of proven and collaborative partnerships, targeted marketing, and through our trusted network of long-standing business relationships.

We sell equipment for more money to more people.

Why choose us?

There are plenty of options when buying, selling or managing assets. Black Star wants to be the option of choice based on our capabilities and customized, proprietary approach within the marketplace. And we deliver more!

You may be considering cashing in through a complete dispersal or find that some of your existing equipment is no longer serving you profitably. You might want cash flow to enhance your competitive edge and are thinking of replacing older or unused pieces and reinvesting in newer. Choosing the Black Star option means that whatever the reason for selling, we aim to achieve or exceed expectations on the return of your equipment investments.

By staying true to each customer’s desired outcomes and our professional values, we will:


Obsess on understanding precise equipment needs, then work with our customers to give more control over the buying and selling process. We will represent each customer in the marketplace to gain top value.


Remain easy to reach and readily available. We know that time is limited, and it is a priority for us to be efficient and effective in all our dealings.


Prepare for every collaboration. We respect every customer interaction and aim to build confidence and trust with an honest and straightforward approach.


Make a difference with every interaction and transaction. Our work ethic is the discipline of moving our feet daily on behalf of our customers to deliver results while remaining fair, accountable, authentic, strategic and innovative.


Leverage our extensive experience, unparalleled expertise and intellectual assets. We bring in-depth industry knowledge, a large network of contacts and trusted relationships, practical business experience and a history of proven results.


Protect, manage and build all relationships in the value chain by remaining mindful of the multiple layers involved and the end goals of our customers.

We separate ourselves from others with the way we increase demand per piece of equipment

Our associations

Part of our differentiated advantage is our connections with the right associations. There is power in these member communities which work with us to provide support through contacts, insights and industry updates allowing us to leverage what we learn and apply inside our efforts to meet customer needs. In turn, we are available to provide the same level of support to any association member seeking our support. We are pleased to be members of the following respected associations: