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Complete Dispersals

December 14, 2023

When you need to sell all of your heavy equipment assets, start here. Discover what’s involved and how Black Star makes it easy for sellers.

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Complete Heavy Equipment Dispersals

A complete heavy equipment dispersal by Black Star refers to the sale of all or most of the heavy equipment assets of a company. This can take place for a multitude of reasons such as retirement, bankruptcy, fleet realignment, company sale, equipment liquidation, or simply a change in business strategy or lifestyle.

Conducting a complete dispersal is a deeply-involved process and demands a huge commitment of resources.

Do any of these reasons to sell your equipment resonate with you?

Tired? Ready for change? Don't know what's next? Want to benefit from your life's work? Margins don't justify staying in business? Concerned for your health? Under pressure to retire?

These and so many more reasons could give you pause for thought when it comes to a selling decision.

What's involved

Many business owners or contractors looking to have a dispersal sale don’t have the desire, time, or resources to dedicate to the entire process. Black Star conducts complete dispersals often. We are fully resourced to handle each of the many tasks involved, and well-versed and experienced in what it takes to execute such a large undertaking. Included are:

Inspecting the equipment

Professional equipment inspections involve detailed descriptions and the capture of multiple pictures and videos (where applicable) for each asset.


Assessing the value

The fair market value of the equipment must be determined for each asset being sold. Our in-house certified appraisers can assign an expected value range for auction and private selling options.


Online listings

All information gathered during the inspection stage is presented in a transparent manner on a global online platform, so potential buyers have visibility to each listing, and gain a solid understanding about the equipment they are buying.


Selling approaches

The best approach to selling your equipment could depend on your timeline, equipment condition, number of units, and price expectations for example.  Options for selling include:

  1. Selling privately (outside of the auction process), negotiating the price is an art form. Buyers want to know they are getting a great deal, and sellers want a good return for their investment. Black Star has technical industry experts and skilled negotiators on board to secure a price a seller can realistically expect. Selling in this manner makes sense as part of a customized solution or if the equipment needs a more personalized approach.
  2. Selling in an online auction makes perfect sense when equipment is in short supply, demand is high, and the market is strong. Sellers can list their equipment in one of our scheduled upcoming auctions, or for the larger consignments, we can schedule a dedicated auction to showcase the seller’s equipment.
  3. A customized approach involves a combination of selling privately and at auction. We work in partnership with our sellers to develop a selling strategy based on specific requirements.

Preparing for the sale

A group of Caterpillar for sale as part of a complete dispersal

Preparations may involve the seller making sure the equipment is in good working condition prior to the sale. The better the condition, the better the return. A large quantity of equipment may need to be staged in your yard or facility to accommodate on-site buyer inspections, and resources will need to be available for inquiries before, during, and after the entire time leading up to the actual sale. Black Star will manage this entire process from start to finish, and experts will take all calls related to the equipment as well as be onsite for buyer inspections when required.

Marketing and advertising

Getting the word out to potential buyers involves the use of direct contact with our extended global network of decision makers and past buyers. It involves creating personalized marketing materials and leveraging social media channels, industry print and online publications, targeted e-blast messages, and sales calendars and catalogs. Marketing efforts will reach hundreds of thousands of potential buyers, worldwide. The more eyes on your equipment, the more competition and potentially a more profitable result.

Finalizing the sale

Transactions involve titles and transferring ownership, invoicing, collecting payment, and scheduling pickup of the equipment. All of this is done by the Black Star Operations team.

Let the Experts at Black Star Help!

A complete equipment dispersal can be a complex process that requires careful planning and execution to ensure a successful outcome. Working with the experienced professionals at Black Star you will be relieved of the day-to-day pressures of the selling and the follow up processes but kept informed every step of the way. We make it easy for you by relieving the burden, allowing you to focus on your core business or other next steps.

We have a proven track record of working with customers in a wide range of industries to meet their current dispersal needs. Read testimonials and review some of our past complete dispersal results and highlights.

If you need to know more about our complete dispersal approach, or want to sell any of your heavy equipment, contact our team today.

This article is our representation of useful information and is not intended to be a complete guide for making the right decision for your company. Ask our experts - or your own - for specific advice based on your unique circumstances.

Complete Dispersals
Mike LeMaster

Mike brings decades of heavy equipment and transportation industry expertise and oversees the day-to-day running of Black Star. With his more than 30 years of sales and negotiation experience he aligns with business owners and contractors every day to strategically guide their specific equipment needs and business goals. Mike has authored content for multiple audiences throughout his career and has been a key contributor at many trade shows and conferences.

When you decide to sell your equipment,
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