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Equipment Dispersals

For our many customers who retired and sold their used equipment inventory, and those who wanted to increase capital, liquidate, merge companies, sell off idle equipment or faced bankruptcy, we have delivered substantial returns.

We have achieved greater than expected outcomes for our customers leveraging online and live virtual unreserved auctions; values regularly exceed FMV by 20% or more. If you are looking to engage retirement dispersal specialists for a transition out of the heavy equipment industry, we are considered the best choice.

We have the manpower to dedicate to – and manage – the many tasks involved in an equipment dispersal of any size, leaving customers to focus on other goals and commitments. When you are motivated to sell, let us make it simple for you to cash in or continue generating positive cash flow.

If you want to know what your equipment is worth, we provide free valuations so you can make an informed decision on selling for best possible value.  

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Online Auctions

Regular online and live virtual auctions are for anyone who wants to sell or buy used equipment, with power to maximize the way you do it. Visit our Auction Room for upcoming auctions. Check back regularly ‐ new listings are added all the time.

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Storage & Transportation

We provide access to 30+ secure and conveniently located, short-term and long-term drop-off storage yards. Relocation to and from any of these national locations is all part of the service we offer. Let us manage your asset storage limitations, so you don’t have to.

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We have a dedicated team of Senior Appraisers, certified through ASA and EAANA, with decades of experience inside construction, agriculture, transportation, oil field services and mining. All appraisal reports are credible for accurate values for financing, insurance needs, selling or preparing a business for sale, and are tailored to the customer and the job. Our formally documented appraisals follow the criteria and standards as outlined in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) to ensure that all appraisals meet the industry standards of acceptance. For more information, read our Appraisal Services Overview.

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Asset Verification

We validate all used equipment details and confirm existence, location and condition. Knowing your assets, where they are located, when they were purchased, if they are still in use and so on, is critical to any organization in the management of inventory and maintaining best value over time.

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Asset Conversion

Black Star stands ready to convert used equipment into immediate and best results, whatever the situation. We use private treaty, as well as pre-auction and online auction selling approaches, and conduct sealed bid sales.

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Fleet Realignment

If you are thinking about replacing or restructuring your fleet to better tackle market demands, project expectations as well as attract new customers, then talk to us. Your fleet needs to be operating at optimal performance and increasing your company’s productivity, reliability and profitability, no matter what influences may be in play. We understand that, and can help you to prioritize and maximize your fleet’s capabilities.

Are supply chain disruptions causing you grief?

Finding good used equipment can be time-consuming, frustrating, and unsuccessful. Our search capabilities adapt to current marketplace conditions nationally and globally, and reach well beyond a customer’s internal capabilities. Black Star’s dedicated search team know how and where to find the equipment you need when you need it, and sell what you no longer need.

Identify your equipment needs, then call or text Jim LeMaster at 312-343-3878 to get the ball rolling.

Our solutions include the selling and merging of companies and equipment

One Source, One Relationship, One Solution

Financial Services Sector

Black Star holds a distinct advantage with wide-ranging expertise and visibility within the construction, agriculture and transportation industries. Our Black Star ONE™ solution creates ease of use for our customers inside a wholistic approach to managing the asset conversion process.

Our ASA certified in-house appraisers have global experience appraising many categories of equipment, and provide superior market data, technical knowledge, and best pricing. Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) compliant appraisal reports ensure that all requirements of a financial institution are met inside our financial services provision.

Our dedicated Financial Account Management team brings in-depth industry and equipment knowledge to the table. As agents for major banks, finance houses and leasing companies, we verify, inspect, appraise, dispose of end-of-lease and repossessed equipment and other assets, and follow through with strong, targeted remarketing efforts to achieve maximum returns.

Whatever requirement your institution needs us to meet, our qualified team provides timely, accurate and defensible results that provide you with confidence to take the next step.

Asset Rescue and Reintroduction

Black Star provides seamless management of the commercial asset recovery process. We recover, securely store, prepare for resale and remarket collateral assets safely and professionally. Click here to see all yard locations.

Storage Yard Network

30 secure storage yards strategically positioned throughout the United States, and able to localize new yards within 30 days.


Repossessions are performed by skilled and experienced, licensed agents.

Reconditioning and Remarketing

Preparation for resale with wash and detail, along with account management, targeted marketing, private treaty selling and online auctions.


We are strategically connected to many highly-regarded industry experts. Our reputation in the marketplace has long-established and credible companies partnering with us to provide added value for our customers.