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Black Star specializes in asset conversions, asset appraisals and asset management for businesses with capital equipment needs. Our team helps businesses, contractors and financial asset managers to value, dispose and acquire assets. We take a customized partnering approach to provide industry insight and value to our customers with a purpose to improve their situation inside every transaction.

We also understand that every situation is unique, and go deep to identify customer goals, compliance and financial needs. We identify the opportunities as well as the roadblocks, then leveraging our proprietary full cycle selling methodology, provide the most effective and strategic plan of action to ensure best value results, whatever the scope – anywhere in the world!


Asset Conversion

Black Star stands ready to convert assets for immediate and best results, whatever the situation. We utilize a proprietary private treaty selling approach, as well pre-auction and online auction selling.


Asset Appraisals

We have a dedicated team of Senior Appraisers, certified through ASA and EAANA, with decades of experience. All appraisal reports are credible for accurate values for financing, insurance needs, selling or preparing a business for sale, and are tailored to the customer and the job.


Our formally documented appraisals follow the criteria and standards as outlined in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) to ensure that all appraisals meet the industry standards of acceptance.


Financial Services Sector

ONE Source, ONE Relationship, ONE Solution


Black Star holds a distinct advantage with wide-ranging expertise and visibility within the construction, agriculture and transportation industries. Our ASA certified in-house appraisers have global experience appraising many categories of equipment, and provide superior market data, technical knowledge, and best pricing. USPAP compliant appraisal reports ensure that all requirements of a financial institution are met inside our financial services provision.


Our dedicated Financial Account Management team bring in-depth industry and equipment knowledge to the table. As agents for major banks, finance houses and leasing companies, we use our proprietary Black Star ONE™ approach to verify, inspect, appraise, dispose of end of lease and repossessed equipment and other assets, and follow through with strong, targeted re-marketing efforts to achieve maximum returns.


Whatever requirement your institution needs us to meet, our qualified team provides timely, accurate and defensible results that provide you with confidence to take the next step.

Service is at the center of everything we do.

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