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March 1, 2024

Black Star announces a strategic partnership with Lease Finance Partners, and gives buyers another option to secure the equipment they need to be successful.

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Black Star and Lease Finance Partners Unveil Strategic Partnership

February 23, 2024, 07:20 AM

Filed Under: Industry News

Black Star and Lease Finance Partners (LFP) announced a strategic partnership aimed at transforming the landscape of equipment leasing. This collaboration brings together Black Star's commitment to quality and service with LFP's prestigious standing as a 2023 Top 10 equipment leasing and financing company. Notably, LFP distinguishes itself as the only Top 10 firm leasing used heavy equipment acquired through auctions.

Under this partnership, Black Star referrals will benefit from preferred leasing rates, opening new financial possibilities for businesses seeking to enhance their operations without the burden of significant upfront investments. This initiative is poised to set new standards in the equipment leasing sector, providing unparalleled opportunities for growth and efficiency.

Mike LeMaster, CEO of Black Star, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, said, "This collaboration is not just about enhancing our service offerings; it's about aligning with a partner that shares our commitment to fostering enduring relationships and expanding the financial avenues available to our customers.”

"At LFP, our primary mission is to deliver financing solutions that not only add value but also simplify the purchasing process for our clients. By managing the financing details, we enable buyers to concentrate fully on their core business operations. From the outset, we recognized Black Star as the perfect partner for our objectives, and we're thankful for the opportunity to work together," said David Urban, CEO of LFP.

This partnership between Black Star and LFP is a testament to both companies' dedication to innovation, customer service, and the provision of financial solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses across industries. By combining forces, Black Star and LFP are not only facilitating access to essential equipment but are also empowering companies to navigate financial challenges with greater ease and flexibility.


About Black Star: Black Star is a leading player in the heavy equipment industry, offering a range of services including equipment auctions, appraisals, and equipment location assistance. With a commitment to excellence and a vast network of industry contacts, Black Star Company is the go-to choice for individuals and businesses seeking to buy or sell heavy equipment assets.

For more information about an upcoming auction or to learn more about our equipment and services, visit our website at or call 312-898-5355.

Press Release
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Susan’s 25+ years’ experience includes technical content on heavy construction equipment and large-scale, mass-production machinery. She has developed and written technical manuals, industry-specific articles, instructional material and more, and writes for Black Star’s technical and non-technical audiences.

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