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Podcast: Black Star's Interview with Machinery Pete

August 1, 2023

Two of Black Star's Owners, Mike & Andrew LeMaster talk with Machinery Pete's Greg Peterson about what differentiates Black Star from all the rest in the heavy equipment market.

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July 28, 2023 - Episode 58 - Machinery Pete Podcasts

Greg Peterson from Machinery Pete talks about the heavy construction equipment market with Mike & Andrew LeMaster of Black Star, and how the company works in collaboration with business owners and contractors to sell, find, and appraise all types of heavy equipment.


Show notes:

[:40] - Machinery Pete’s intro, setting up today’s topic

[3:22] - Interview with Andrew and Mike LeMaster begins

[8:25] - Black Star’s footprint & knowledgeable team

[13:59] - Equipment catalog

[19:30] - What does a piece of equipment mean to that owner?

[25:00] - Working analytically post-pandemic

[31:15] - What equipment is in demand in 2023?

[37:17] - Items currently for sale

[43:14] - Final words from Machinery Pete

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