Construction, agriculture and transportation equipment expertise

Who We Are

Black Star Asset Conversion and Appraisals is a family-owned business operating with well over a century of combined experience, expertise and visibility in the construction, agriculture and transportation industries and the financial services sector.


On board, we have a strong and diverse team of highly skilled and driven professionals who focus on working with contractors, enterprise accounts and financial institutions to manage the full cycle of selling, and the management of assets.


Our purpose is to strategically position our customers for ongoing business success. We achieve the best possible values through asset appraisals, private treaty selling, pre-auction selling, weekly online auctions leveraging the power of proven and collaborative partnerships, targeted marketing, and through our trusted network of long-standing business relationships.


We are proud to be problem solvers!


We operate inside a culture of working smart and being healthy. Our values provide us with the fortitude to put forward our best possible efforts in all that we do.


Simply put, we help people get maximum value for buying and selling equipment

Our Team

Our team of seasoned professionals individually possess valuable market-relevant strengths, and collectively bring knowledge, industry insight and personal service to every customer engagement.



Our Market Our Market
Our Market Our Market

Our Approach

We bring a proactive approach to every transaction. It starts with gaining a solid understanding of your needs and goals. From there, we blend in our diverse experience, client service and well-established industry connections to deliver results. From start to finish, our approach puts your interests first and delivers tangible results that benefit your bottom line.

Go out and make friends and you'll always have customers.

Roger Martinez

Black Star ACA

Why choose us?

There are plenty of options when buying, selling or managing assets. Black Star wants to be the option of choice based on our capabilities and customized, proprietary approach within the marketplace. So, if you’re looking to raise cash, add to your existing inventory for a specific project, replace existing equipment or manage other assets – whatever the motivation – you’ve landed in the right place with Black Star.

Why Choose Us?

Precision We obsess on understanding precise equipment needs, then work with our customers to give more control over the buying and selling of assets. We will represent each customer in the marketplace to gain top value.

Why Choose Us?

Accessibility We remain easy to reach and readily available. We know that time is limited, and it is a priority for us to be efficient and effective in all our dealings.

Why Choose Us?

Preparation We prepare for every collaboration. We respect every customer interaction to build confidence and trust with an honest and straightforward approach. We will make a difference with every interaction and transaction. Our work ethic is the discipline of moving our feet daily on behalf of our customers.

Why Choose Us?

Unparalleled We Leverage our extensive experience, unparalleled expertise and intellectual assets. We bring in-depth industry knowledge, a large network of contacts and trusted relationships, practical business experience and a lengthy history of proven results.

Why Choose Us?

Fairness We deliver results while remaining fair, accountable, authentic, strategic and innovative. In doing so, protect, manage and build all relationships in the value chain by remaining mindful of the multiple layers involved and the end goals of our customers.