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If you need a scraper for your construction, agriculture, or mining project then you’ve come to the right place. Whatever quantity or quality of earth you need to move, a scraper can help meet your specific project needs. We currently have units available to buy now. You can also check out our upcoming-auction listings. If you don’t see what you need, let us know and we can conduct a personalized search for you.


Delivering Results

Scrapers are extremely beneficial and important for earthmoving and smoothing applications. Motorized and self-propelled or towed, each type operates slightly differently. Your current and upcoming project requirements and existing equipment will guide you towards the right scraper. We know equipment and would be happy to have you contact us with any questions.

Used Scrapers Available Now

Popular Scraper Manufacturers

One of the largest pieces of equipment on any construction site is a motor scraper. Some of the most reputable manufacturers are CATERPILLAR, JOHN DEERE, and TEREX, REYNOLDS, ASHLAND, ROME K-TEC, ICON, and IMC. We regularly have these for sale privately, or at an online or live virtual auction.

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