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Load up on quality used loaders from Black Star. Let us help you move our loaders into your inventory as they don’t stay available for long. Every wheel and crawler loader we list for private sale or auction has been fully inspected and tested. When you’re ready to purchase, Black Star will manage all the details, making the buying experience one that you want to repeat.

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Lift and Move with Ease

Loaders are versatile and can do almost any kind of construction work, and they can be modified to suit project needs. With powerful engines, they are used for lifting and moving rocks, gravel, dirt, sand, snow or almost any other heavy material with ease – and for cleanup. Just scoop and transport the load around or off the job site using the single front bucket. Crawler (or track) loaders move slower but have better traction than wheel loaders, especially on soft ground or unstable surfaces.

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Popular Loader Manufacturers

We frequently have loaders from some of the most reputable manufacturers out there, such as CATERPILLAR, JOHN DEERE, VOLVO, CASE, KOMATSU, HITACHI, KAWASAKI, and NEW HOLLAND. Check back often to see what loaders have been added to our inventory that you can buy now or at one of our upcoming auctions.

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