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Looking for a different truck, pre-emissions, or later model? We have a selection of used day cab trucks for sale at any given time, or we know where to find one for you. These short-haul, quintessential work vehicles get sold quickly. Demand for used trucks remains high and with new or newer models challenging to obtain, working day cabs often remain in use by their owners. That is not a problem for our buyers. If you don’t see what you need here, just let us know.

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Day Cabs & Sleepers

Used Day Cabs & Sleepers Available Now

Meeting your Hauling Needs

Because they don’t have sleeper cabins, day cabs are best suited for day-to-day use. These Class 8 tractors as they are known here in the US have the advantages of better maneuverability, fuel efficiency, and greater driver visibility. Ideal for regional or local hauling, these commercial trucks can also be used with a variety of trailer types for transporting goods over shorter distances.

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Popular Day Cab Truck Manufacturers

Day cabs play a vital role inside a truck fleet, and many fleet owners and fleet managers align with these most-recognized and popular manufacturers: MACK, FREIGHTLINER, PETERBILT, KENWORTH, and VOLVO.

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