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Dozers (bulldozers) of all makes, models, sizes, and ages are the backbone of earth moving. We have an ever-changing variety of dozers in our auctions and private selling inventories every day. Versatile in land development, construction, highway, landfill, mining, and farming applications, these machines are sought-after by many of our customers.

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Powerful Versatility

Pushing is the dozer’s most common use. Wheeled dozers have four tires under the tractor, work best on flat surfaces and are road friendly. Crawler dozers move on powerful metal tracks to prevent sinking in challenging environments such as mud, clay, and sand – and don’t puncture. These robust earth- and rock-moving machines are designed to not only push, but dig, excavate, and level. With large, heavy, metal blades at the front for shallow digging and shifting, and optional attachments on the rear to break down debris, all dozers are ideal for rough terrain, and can withstand the most demanding of tasks.

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Popular Dozer Manufacturers

JOHN DEERE, KOMATSU, and CATERPILLAR are seen as some of the leading dozer brands that they make their way over to us for sale. Check out our current dozer range and see which ones can support your project goals.

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