Our new website is live

Posted on October 31, 2018

As a new venture, communication is critical. We have a strong business model, tremendous experience, great talent and a strong drive to help our clients with their asset needs. However, we also need a targeted marketing effort to get the word out and convey all that we do. At the center of our marketing is our website which we are proud to launch.

From the very first moment you land on our site, you’ll get the impression that we are a different company. Unlike many of our competitors where you are greeted with information overload, we took a different approach. Our site features a modern layout that is welcoming, opening and well organized. We provide you with the key information you’ll want to know.  Simply scroll and explore all we offer.

Our website features the modern tech you’ve come to appreciate with today’s leading websites. It’s a responsive website, so it will work as well on your phone as it will on your desktop. It’s also a WordPress site, so this is just the beginning as we will have the ability to share content with you including our latest news, industry trends, inventory items and more.

We encourage you to visit our site often as it’s always changing and soon we will have a full-featured, robust inventory section.  With our inventory section, you’ll be able to view assets that we have for sale or inquire about selling your assets. We hope you enjoy our new website and welcome your feedback.

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